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Desoldering Tips

Note: We highly recommend using a desoldering iron like the one shown below. You can purchase one from Radio Shack for under fifteen dollars. It is the easiest device to use for desoldering.



  1. Plug the desoldering pump in...Let it warm up.
  2. Position the circuit board so that you can get to the items that need to be desoldered.
  3. Press the pump bulb - and hold it in.
  4. Place it on the 1st pin to be desoldered - when the solder melts release the pump bulb.
  5. The solder will get sucked into the desolderng iron.
  6. Place the pump over a piece of paper and press the pump bulb to blow out the solder onto the paper.
  7. Repeat the steps above 




An alternative to a desoldering iron is to use desoldering braid. This product is a specially treated fine copper braid which draws molten solder up into the braid where it solidifies. The best way is to use the tip of the hot iron to press a short length of braid down onto the joint to be de-soldered. The iron will subsequently melt the solder, which will be drawn up into the braid. Take extreme care to ensure that you don't allow the solder to cool with the braid adhering to the work, or you run the risk of damaging p.c.b. copper tracks when you attempt to pull the braid off the joint.