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Troubleshooting Convergence Repair - Sony Servie Mode
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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 11:09


Symptom - Convergence not adjusting.....

Does your TV have a convergence menu?

If so can you moved RED and BLUE in all directions?  If not - what color/direction does not move?

If your TV only has the flash focus and does not have a convergence menu option try service mode to adjust the colors manually . If for some reason RED or BLUE will not adjust in all directiions there is likely and issue with one or more pico fuses. This is covered here in the troubleshooting section.

Service Mode Adjusting

Note: Start in the center of the screen and work you way out in a circular pattern until you get to the outer part of the screen. Then start over in the center again. Only make minor adjustments to each square. Do not try to adjust them all the way unless they are very close. Its better to make several passes instead.

1) Turn the TV off with the System off (under flap of remote)
2) Press:  Display, 5, Volume+, then Power.  If successful, service text will appear on the screen.
3) Use 2 & 5    - to select the PJE category.    Be careful, like your computer, you don't want to be adjusting the wrong screen.
4) Press 9   - to get to the convergence adjusting.
5) Press 6 several times to get the convergence screen of choice. (I like the grid)
6) Use the remotes arrow keys (joystick), move the brackets around until you have found the area to adjust. Press the center of the joystick to change the bracket from white to a color.  Use the joystick to adjust the color(Push it sideways or up and down and hold).  Press 3 to change color to adjust(red, green or blue). When done, press center of joystick again, this will turn it back to white.
Note: Try to keep the grid even and square.
7) Repeat step 6 for all parts of the screen that need it.
8) Once done, you need to save your settings.  Press:     Mute,Enter.    Then on the T.V. press    "Flash Focus"   (it will set it self)
9) Turn off Power then turn the TV back on to make sure its working