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Mitsubishi Error Codes
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Friday, 06 August 2010 18:51

Below is a list of error codes for most Mitsubishi DLP and Projection TV sets.

Most models have a self-diagnosis feature to help determine shutdown problems.

To enable this feature do the following....
1) Turn the tv on and then let it shutdown
2) Press the input and menu buttons on the front panel simultaneously and hold them in for 5 seconds
3) After 5 seconds the power LED on the front panel will blink a two digit sequence.

This will commonly be one set of blinks followed by a short pause then another set of blinks.
This will repeat around five times.

1 - 2 = no error detected

2 - 1 = X-ray protect (high voltage or beam current)

2 - 2 = Short protect (short detected - commonly caused by convergence failure - to repair this check out site for a convergence kit)

2 - 3 = Deflection protect

2 - 4 = Vertical protect

Note: A constant blink on certain models will typically be caused by a fault in the DM model. To repair this check out site a "blinking green light kit"