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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 21:25

Top  Mistakes for Hitachi Owners

#1 )  I bought my chips on Ebay - Now my TV wont power on or looks the same as before the repair.  Can you help?

Answer:  Do not buy your chips on Ebay or other questionable sites. Over 90% of the time they are selling generic/clone chips and not original Sanyo chips.  Both version look identical and unless you are well versed in detecting the fakes you will get burned. Our kits only include genuine Sanyo chips. Our guess is that your chips are bad but in could also be cables, soldering, picos, etc. We are experts in Hitachi repair with a great track record of helping customers fix their sets. If you want our help please purchase a complete kit or purchase our "support only" option.

#2 )  I read somewhere on the Internet that I should use upgraded chips.

Answer:  Although this is possible on some models - its not possible on all models. Unless you are 100% sure you should never use anything but the factory original OEM chips in the TV.  Also, even when non-standard chips are ok to use  you will typicaly have to replace many of the low ohm resistors at the same time. If not the repair will fail and likely burn up the remaining resistors in the TV.

#3 ) I did not get one our your kits - I bought my parts from another site.  I replaced resistor RK50 and RK54 with 2.7 OHM resistors. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. My TV is still not working.

Answer:  Every Hitachi model is unique.  You cannot just randomy replace resistors in the TV based on information over the web. Most of the time internet posts are specific to certain Hitachi models. Just because one model uses a 2.2 OHM for resistor number RK50 - does not imply that all Hitachi models use a 2.2 OHM resistor for RK50.  Infact its just the opposite.  Hitachi TV models came in so many different version  that its impossible to guess.  Also - the same model number can have two or three possible choices based on the chassis number. If you want to fix this TV correctly please purchase one of our kits or our support only option. Once we receive your order we will work with you untill its fixed.

Note: Most of the mistakes that we see customers make are due to lack of knowlege. This is one of the many reasons we have such detailed instructions in our kits. Our goal is to eliminate these mistakes before they are made.



We value your feedback. Please let us know if the above kit and instuctions helped resolve your TV problem. Also, any feedback on how we can improve our kits, instuctions, or website is always appreciated.