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How Re-Allign Convergence Chip Pins
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Wednesday, 08 July 2009 19:22




If you have convergence chip pins that are not correctly alligned you can use the steps below to attempt to fix them.




Try to bend the pins back into shape using a sharp counter top corner or something similar.






Use a hard flat object such as a credit card. Place the card into the ridge on the pins and slowly re-shape the pins back to their original form. Also make sure that you have even spacing between all pins. 


If step one and two do not completely straighten the pins out enough try the following additional steps. 

Goto Radio Shack and pick up a board similar to the one below. 


Use the card edge to re-align the pins as much as possible. 



Slowly insert the chip into the Radio Shack board...as you insert the chip slowly push any pins that are out of alignment into each hole. 





Rock the chip back and forth to align the pins....



Repeat the above steps until the chip/pins slide easily in and out of the board.