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Sony Diagnostic Codes
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One Blink: Not Used. 

Two Blinks: B+ Over Current Protect, Short In Power Supply Or Hv Circuit. 

Three Blinks: B+ Over Voltage Protect: Power Supply Short, Check 
Transistors, Resistors Etc. 

Four Blinks: No Vertical Deflection, Check Ic1509, Q1505. 

Five Blinks: Akb Circuit, Check Q705, Q732, Q761 On C Board, Also Check 
Q218, Q219, Q220 On A Board, Ik Circuit Can Also Cause This Try Turning 
Screen Control Up A Little. 

Six Blinks: No Horizontal, No Raster, Check C515, C516 & Jungle Ic206. 

Seven Blinks: High Voltage Shutdown, Flyback, Shutdown Circuits/Components. 

Eight Blinks: Audio Circuit, Ic406, Ps401, Ps402. 

These Blink Codes Are Stored In The Set And Can Be Looked Up To See What 
Error Codes Have Been Stored, To Pull Up Diagnostic Screen Push; Display, 
Channel, 5, Vol Minus, Then Power, A Screen Should Appear With The Codes And 
Number Of Times They Have Occured. Once The Set Has Been Repaired The Error 
Codes Have To Be Removed By The Tech, Clearing Is Done By Going Into The 
Service Mode; Display,Channel,5,Volume Plus, Power. Press 8 Then Enter 
Everything Returns To The Factory Preset Condition.