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Tuesday, 04 November 2008 22:34



This guide will help you determine if your TV set has a convergence problem. 

Typical symptoms of a convergence problem are...... 

Screen looks distorted/ 3D looking/ Colors don't line up

Convergence menu adjustments don't work in one or more direction. 





 Using your original TV remote pull up the picture menu and goto the convergence setup screen.




Try to adjust the converge for the RED color first. 

Using the original TV remote try to move the RED cross hair LEFT - RIGHT - UP and  DOWN.  


At first it may be hidden behind the white crosshair but as you begin to adjust it should become visable.

After you check to see if you can move the RED in all directions adjust it back so that it aligns behind the white cross hair.  If you notice red anywhere on the white cross hair continue to adjust until its gone. It takes time and patience to do, but when completed, all lines on should be pure white or extreamly close. 

Repeat the above steps for the BLUE color. 


If you are not able to move the RED or BLUE cross hair in "all directions" your convergence needs to be repaired.  If this is the case you can check our repair kits section for a parts kit and instruction guide on how to do the repair yourself.  


Note:  Some models have a single crosshair screen while others have "Multipoint" convergence as in the photo on the left. 





We value your feedback. Please let us know if the above kit and instuctions helped resolve your TV problem. Also, any feedback on how we can improve our kits, instuctions, or website is always appreciated.







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