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Magnavox High Voltage Generator
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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 00:11

Magnavox High Voltage Generator


Flyback ( High Voltage Generator) 


Removal Steps 

CAUTION:  You must be real carefull when  working around the High Voltage Generator. 


  1. Make sure the TV set is unpluged from the wall.
  2. Locate the flyback as shown in the picture below.  



Pull the rubber caps up on the high voltage wires.  




Slowly pull up on the first  High Voltage Wire  as shown in the picture. The wires are very tight at first because of the yellow clips. This is normal.  Just increase the amount of upward pull force on the wires until they pop out.   An alternative method is to pop out the yellow plastic clips first. The problem with this method is sometimes the clips break as they are being removed and the broken pieces get stuck in the old flyback. 


If you place your other hand on the flyback it will provide more leverage.





Once the wire is removed touch it to the metal rack as shown in the photo. This will ground it out and drain the high voltage from the CRT/wires.  You may or may not see a spark. The spark is the stored voltages in the CRT tubes being discharged to ground.  This will not damage anything. 

Once done you can safely handle the wires. 

Repeat the above steps for the remaining RED wires that are still connected to the High Volage Generator.   


You may want to touch the wires to the metal frame each time before you work on the set. This will help insure that the voltages are drained and the wires are safe to handle. 



Once you have safely discharged the HGV voltage from the CRT wires you can now remove the rest of the cables from the circuit board.