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Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: Do you think the repair will fix the problem with my tv?

Answer:  When we create kits for our site we stick with common fixes that when done correctly generally fix the problem. In addition most of our kits include step by step instructions to help make the repair go smoothly. We also further screen the kits we offer based on feedback from customers. We use this feedback to both improve our kits and eliminate any that do not have a high success rate. With that said the odds are very good that the repair will work but if does not work we will do our best to assist via our online help-desk. With the helpdesk we can exchange notes, troubelshooting tips, photos , etc. 

Question: Do I have to have experience in repairing electronics to use your kits. 

Answer: No, in fact ninety percent of our customers have never repaired anything electronic before. The key is our instructions. We have spent hundreds of hours creating very simple, easy to follow photo instruction guides. We don’t assume you know TV lingo or repair procedures. We walk you through every step. We also label every part in the kit for easy identification.

Question: Do I have to know how to solder to use your kits. 

Answer: Most of our kits require some light soldering and de-soldering but there is no need to have any prior experience. We show you how to solder and we show you exactly which soldering iron, de-soldering iron, and solder to use and which ones to avoid. All of the tools you need are avail at your local Radio Shack for around ten dollars. Again, over ninety percent of our customers have never done any type of electronic repair. We make it simple. You can also buy a practice  board from Radio shack for around 2.00 to practice your skills. On average it takes around 20 minutes to learn how to solder like a pro. Here is a soldering guide or video for more information

Question: My TV screen looks 3D. What kit do I need.

Answer: Your TV has a convergence problem. The most common symptoms are distorted video, 3D looking video, convergence menu won’t align the colors anymore, warped screen, etc. You will need to get one of our Convergence kits listed on our site. 

Question: My screen looks 3D and is warped on the top. My local TV shop wants 350.00 to repair the TV. I asked them how hard it was to do. They told me that only a certified TV repair tech has the skills to repair it and that I should not attempt the repair myself.

Answer: We hear that a bunch. In order to repair a TV yourself successfully you need three things. 

  • One – You need the correct parts specific to your TV model number. 
  • Two – You need to know what has failed and how to replace it.
  • Three - You need clear instructions on how to do the repair correctly the first time.

This is where we come in. We provide you with both the parts and the knowledge so that you can do it yourself and save hundreds of dollars. The bottom line is that most TV’s sets have predictable failures which are easy to fix. For TV repair shops this is their bread and butter. They don’t want you to do it yourself because it takes away from their revenue.   Read this email thread for a recent example....

Question: My TV is fixed but now my neighbors and friends want me to help them with their TV sets.  

Answer: Yep – That is one of the side effects of DIY TV repair. Your wife, kids, friends, etc will think you are an electronics genius. Our advice is to enjoy the fame.

Question:  My TV has a convergence problem and I have read on the internet that I should avoid using the chips made in China. What chips do you use in your kits?

Answer: Our goal is to provide the best parts and service in the industry. We only use top quality Sanyo OEM chips. We do not use the Chinese/Clone/Fake chips because they don’t last. In most cases the chips made in China will burn up within a few months or a few minutes.

Question: My TV had the convergence repaired 1 year ago and now its doing it again. What is the problem?

Answer: Cheap chips is our guess. Most TV shops either intentionally or unintentionally use the cheaper grade chips made in China. Even for the experts its sometimes hard to tell which chips are genuine Sanyo chips and which ones are clones.

Question: I bought my chips on Ebay - Now my TV wont power on or looks the same as before the repair. Can you help?

Answer: Do not buy your chips on Ebay or other questionable sites. Over 90% of the time they are selling generic/clone chips and not original Sanyo chips. Both version look identical and unless you are well versed in detecting the fakes you will get burned. Our kits only include genuine Sanyo chips. Our guess is that your chips are bad but in could also be cables, soldering, picos, etc. We are experts in Hitachi repair with a great track record of helping customers fix their sets. If you want our help please purchase a complete kit or purchase our "support only" option.

Question: I read somewhere on the Internet that I should use upgraded chips.
Answer: Although this is possible on some models - its not possible on all models. Unless you are 100% sure you should never use anything but the factory original OEM chips in the TV. Also, even when non-standard chips are ok to use you will typically have to replace many of the low ohm resistors at the same time. If not the repair will fail and likely burn up the remaining resistors in the TV.

Question: I did not get one our your kits - I bought my parts from another site. I replaced resistor RK50 and RK54 with 2.7 OHM resistors. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. My TV is still not working.

Answer: Every TV model is unique. You cannot just randomly replace resistors in the TV based on information over the web. Most of the time internet posts are specific to certain models and don't take into account the differences. Just because one model uses a 2.2 OHM resistor for slot RK50 - does not imply that all similar models use a 2.2 OHM resistor for slot RK50. In fact its just the opposite. TV models came in so many different version that its impossible to guess. Also - the same model number can have two or three possible choices based on the chassis number. If you want to fix this TV correctly please purchase one of our kits or our support only option. Once we receive your order we will work with you untill its fixed. 

Note: Most of the mistakes that we see customers make are due to lack of knowledge. This is one of the many reasons we have such detailed instructions in our kits. Our goal is to eliminate these mistakes before they are made. 

Question: How fast can you ship? Where are you located? 

Answer: We ship all of our kits the next business day after receiving the order. Once shipped you will receive a tracking number via email. The average delivery time is 2-3 days for US locations and 7-12 days for International destinations.


  Welcome to TV Repair Kits. Our goal is to provide you with the correct repair, original parts, step by step instructions, etc. On our site you will find common solutions for brands such as Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, Akai, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, JCV,  Pioneer, Panasonic, Zenith and many other brands. We carry Convergence Repair kits, power supply kits,and many others. All of our complete kits come with OEM original parts, step by step photo guided instructions, and online support. 
We even stock hard to find parts such as tubes and convergence boards.