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Instruction Link & Password Help
Support Section

Your download link and password are printed on the sheet(s) of paper included in your kit.

Before contacting us about missing links or passwords please check the paperwork in your kit.

Please note that we test all of the instruction links daily! If you get a page not found or page has moved error please try the following.

  • Check your spelling! Over 99% of our customers who contact us about problems typed the link incorrectly. Again - It is easy to misspell when typing in long links so check and recheck before contacting us. The two most common customer typo words in the links are "component" or "article". Check to make sure you do not have a typo. 
  • Make sure you typed the link in lower case letterrs.
  • Make sure you type it into the correct address bar at the top your browser. Do not type it into the Google search window as this will not bring up the page. See example below.

Support Section

If the above article does not resolve it please open a help ticket using the steps outlined below.